I started writing short stories in high school as a means of escaping the everyday "drama" that most teens experience. The first story, ALONE, was written in my senior year of high school. It is a bit rusty in spots, but one can easily see how I began to form my writing style. My use of song lyrics in order to convey the emotion of a scene began with this story, and has since become a common thread in all of my writing. The fusion of music and vision is an idea I first experienced watching Miami Vice in the '80's, and it has heavily influenced everything I have done since.

The second, even shorter story, MARCUS GOES SWIMMING, was written in approximately three minutes in September of 2011 as an entry in Esquire magazine's short story contest. Although I didn't win, the challenge in this story was to write a complete narrative in seventy-eight words ONLY! No more, no less. This was done in celebration of the magazine's 78th Anniversary.

The remaining six stories were all created in June of 2012, in the span of about twenty minutes, again for Esquire magazine's short story contest. That year they allowed one more word, to celebrate their 79th Anniversary. So CANCER, KARMA, JEALOUSY, MORNING BEER, ROUTINE CALL and LIFE IN THE PROJECTS are all stories told in seventy-nine words total. (Only one entry per person was allowed, but most of these stories were ideas that I had that were not quite good enough to enter but too good to throw away!) LIFE IN THE PROJECTS became my official entry in that year's contest, however, it did not make the final cut. I still think it is my best yet, despite the loss.

Below the stories you will find a small selection of poems and song lyrics that I penned in 1995. I lived in Los Angeles for a short period during that year, and was working through some emothional stuff. Some of it seems a bit overbearing and dated, but I'm still quite proud of the material.

I do hope you enjoy this glimpse into my past, and please check back often for more "Short Stories From A Short Time Ago..."